The Next Generation of Sails

Introducing the first ever
hi-performance sustainable sails

4T FORTE™ are the “green sails”. Membranes and their assembly have been engineered for highest standards in terms of environmental impact and recyclable options. Glues, resins and solvents have been replaced by heat fusion and the base polymer is 100% recyclable in a standard waste separation process.



Holds to the highest standards of environmental practices and the responsible sourcing of materials and energy sources.



Sails made of 4T FORTE are produced with a low level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and without the use of pollutants such as glues, resins and solvents.



At the end of their useful life, these sails are recycled within the normal recovery processes of polyethylene-based raw materials to generate the PE pellet.



The polyethylene pellet is used for the production of accessories (such as headboards) to be used in the production of new sails.


A core structural grid, constructed from high modulus fibre takes care of the principal loads, whilst oriented micro layers provide strength in other secondary directions. The entire skin is encapsulated between ripstop “shields”, which are UV, moisture, and mildew resistant.

Racing and
Grand Prix sails

Cruising and Performance Cruising sails

This OneSails range of products is designed specifically with cruising in mind for boat owners who strive for the ultimate combination of performance, durability and aesthetics from their sails

Super and Mega Yachts Sails

OneSails has the only technology in the world which is able to make sails of unlimited size in a single piece and using continuous yarns.

Classic and Spirit of Tradition yacht sails

Our sails are distinguished by the precision and care used in their finishing. Access to customized fittings as well as an extensive archive on classic yachts enable us to build sails which are particularly suited to maintaining the feeling and timeless character of classic craft.

Downwind Sails

The sails that is undergoing the most significant development today are the downwind sails. Now, with the help of better fabrics and sailmaking technology, these sails are both far more efficient downwind and so closewinded at 45° apparent wind.

Racing symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers

OneSails make a broad range of hi-performance spinnakers for racing boats. The design of every spinnaker is customized for the boat in order to give truly superior performance.

Furling IFS™ cableless downwind sails

IFS™ sails are designed to incorporate a net of continuous structural fibres, laid directly on to the sail’s luff, effectively replacing the cable. The advantages of this technology are considerable. A wider range of sail shapes can be set and furled with sail handling eased by the reduction in weight.

Cruising symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers

The gennakers by OneSails are designed for a wide range of apparent wind angle to avoid a continuous trimming during sailing. The Sails are controlled with fluid dynamic software simulations and optimized with the boat dimensions to get easy hoist and dip.

To meet the needs of the demanding One Design sailors, OneSails offers competitive sails for a wide variety of class. Our sails are not in stock but produced at the time of the delivery in order to include the last developments in design and fabrics.

One Design

The CODE-X CROZ team has just finished the Loro Piana Giraglia 2024 regatta, covering the 241-mile course from Saint-Tropez, through the Giraglia rock/Northern Corsica, to Genoa in 26h 32min. They placed 29th in Line Honours, 1st in ORC2, and 9th overall in ORC on corrected time.
After a solid performance in the inshore races, which provisionally placed it first both overall and in its race B division, and with an excellent result in the long distance race on the same course of the 69th Regata dei Tre Golfi, Sugar 3 consolidates and confirms the result, taking
With a total of 179 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes of sailing have passed, covering 28625 nautical miles Spirit of Helsinki came very close to overall victory, touching it by only 17 hours in the handicap time and thus placing second on the podium. However, it took the victory

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