Sustainable Sails

Sustainable Sails

4T FORTE™ are the first “green sails”

The OneSails group has a shared passion for sailing and the sea. Respect for the environment keeps us focused on how we can continually improve the sustainability of our sails.

Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our sails is centred on the materials and what happens to a sail at the end of its life. In 2015, OneSails launched 4T FORTE ™ sails and sail recycling process. Awarded ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment Certification, 4T FORTE ™ are the only fully recyclable sails on the market today.

Membranes and their assembly have been engineered for highest standards in terms of environmental impact and recyclable options. Glues, resins and solvents have been replaced by heat fusion and the base polymer is 100% recyclable in a standard waste separation process.



Holds to the highest standards of environmental practices and the responsible sourcing of materials and energy sources.



Sails made of 4T FORTE are produced with a low level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and without the use of pollutants such as glues, resins and solvents.



At the end of their useful life, these sails are recycled within the normal recovery processes of polyethylene-based raw materials to generate the PE pellet.



The polyethylene pellet is used for the production of accessories (such as headboards) to be used in the production of new sails.

OneSails' Vendéé Globe sails recycled into markers

For the first time ever!
Over 10 years of research and development have led to the creation of sails that win in regattas, last over time, have low CO2 emissions during production and can be recycled at the end of their life.
From this idea were born the MARKERS deriving from the sails used in the Vendée Globe by Pip Hare made by @carioca_italia

Discover the construction of the first ever sustainable sails

Step inside the Italian 4T FORTE™ production facilities to learn how OneSails builds these sails and why they claim they are the future of sustainable sailmaking.

Few have seen the inside of their production facilities in Italy, much less been allowed to take a camera inside. Journalist Matt Sheahan spent two days observing up close how the sails are produced. After showing us the process, we went out on the water to see the sails in action.

A certified commitment

We strongly believe in sustainability. Our commitment is concrete and certified according to: ISO 14021:2021 and ISO 14001:2015 by independent auditors (IQNet).

Integrated Solar Panel Technology, taking sustainability one step further

OneSails can deliver 4T FORTE™ main sails with integrated thin cell PV panels, which regenerate the yacht’s batteries using solar energy.

Due to the high modulus construction of the 4T FORTE™ composite material, the impact of the PV panels is minimal in terms of the sail’s characteristics and performance.

For example, the Spirit 44CR(e) is a fully electric yacht designed and built by Spirit Yachts. To fit with the owner’s brief of ‘near total self-sufficiency’, OneSails worked closely with Spirit Yachts and Solar Cloth to integrate solar panels into the 4T FORTE recyclable mainsail. The three panels on each side of the sail have the capacity to regenerate 560watts, or 1,120watts total for both sides of the sail. Solar panel technology is always improving and OneSails is continually testing and developing new solutions.

Why Choose OneSails

1. Exclusive Technology

For over 15 years the OneSails design team have developed exclusive technologies to make one-piece continuous thread sails a reality for cruising and racing boats.

2. Performance

Features like weight, shape control and deformation resistance means better performance compared to traditional panelled sails.

3. Quality

Sails are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards from carefully selected components to ensure the very highest quality and durability. 4T FORTE™ membranes are exclusively made in Italy. All the assembly process is completely made in a unique factory ensuring the meeting of all the required standards.

4. Design

The best sail shapes are the result of continuous analysis and experience. OneSails is at the forefront of the sailmaking industry, continually investing in research and development to ensure that the very best sail shapes are available. The success of this approach is confirmed by the vast array of racing trophies OneSails clients have won, competing at National, International and World Championship level.

5. Service

A core activity for every OneSails Loft is providing first class service, support and assistance. As part of our service commitment, each OneSails Loft has a team of experts on hand to ensure that we can deliver on our service pledge. In addition to a growing number of principle lofts, the OneSails Group has an extensive network of service centres strategically placed worldwide’s coast line.

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