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These are our latest designs, for info please contact:

These are our latest designs of our many times World Champion mainsail (2023, 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015).

Optimist sails are developed and produced by OneSails Slovenia: (, for technical and sales informations, please contact the OneSails loft in your country.

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To better meet the needs of the demanding young Optimist sailors, the OneSails mainsails are now available in two different styles: Standard and Advanced.
Standard suits every sailor, while the Advanced is harder to control but allows a greater reward. We do not recommend the Advanced styles to inexperienced sailors since it may result in a far lower performance compared to Standard.

OPTIMIST - Standard Light (<36kg)
OPTIMIST - Standard Medium (36 to 42kg)
OPTIMIST - Standard Medium+ (42 to 47kg)
OPTIMIST - Standard Heavy+ (>47kg)
OPTIMIST - Advanced GM (36 to 42kg)
OPTIMIST - Advanced GMP (42 to 45kg)
OPTIMIST - Advanced AH (45 to 48kg)
OPTIMIST - Advanced AHP (> 48kg)

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