Tuning Diary


Onesails Tuning Diary  (OTD) is a web application developed to help sailors to gather all information relative to the tuning of their boat and elaborate such information on the basis of a voting system.

Since this tool is mostly used onboard or while away from a computer, the OTD has been developed as a responsive web application, i.e. it adapts to any screen size without distorting the content of the page. This feature makes it easy and pleasant to use from any smartphone.

For the best performance, it is recommended to use it from a Firefox or Chrome browser.


Sign-up by clicking on the Register button on the login page

Create a new boat: on the home page click on Add/Edit Boat.

Set the name and type of boat: firstly, type in the name and type of boat in the respective fields. If you have previously entered another boat, you will need to click on New Boat to enter a new one.

Set the tuning parameters: here you will be able to define/edit the tuning measurement you are interested in recording for your boat. Click on the + button below the Rig Tuning title to add a new tuning parameter.

it is also possible to set a base setting with respect to which all measurements will be entered. For instance, if the base lower shrouds tension is 10, type that value in the relevant field and it will be displayed as a reference when you will be asked to enter a new record. ALL fields are mandatory with the exception of the base value.

The order in which the parameters will be displayed when adding a new record will be that in which the parameters have been defined here. Therefore, it is advised to put at the top the parameters which are used more often. It is possible to drag a line to change its position, if needed.

Define the sail inventory: by clicking on the + button below the Sail Inventory title you can add a new sail to your inventory. Here you can also edit the name of existing sails if you need to.


Add training and race data

To add the data for a sailing day, click on Add Record in the Home page and select the boat you have previously added from the Select Boat menu. By doing this, the app will retrieve all information relative to tuning parameters and sails associated with that boat. Fill in all fields as required.

It is very important to be consistent between one record and another. For instance, if for the same race in Porto Cervo you enter Porto Cervo in the Location field for the first race and PortoCervo for the second one, this will cause issues during the query to the database later on.

After a record has been saved, the fields will remain filled in so as to speed up the adding of a new record with similar entries.

It is also possible to record tactics information relative to the favorite side of an upwind and downwind leg in the Tactics section.

Finally, it is mandatory to give a score between 0 and 10 to both the speed downwind and upwind. The score should ideally be always given by the same person for consistency.

The reliability of such score (Score Reliability) depends on how reliable the upwind and downwind scores are. For instance, the data quality will be very low for a gusty sailing say, whilst it will be high for a long speed test with stable wind.


Make Queries

It is possible to query the database for all records and apply filters to the results in the Query page.

The data saved will be displayed in tabular format.

If you want to remove some columns from the results table, just uncheck them after clicking on the Column Selector button.

Finally, the Site Query page offers you the chance to query the database for tactics information for a specific location. When you go back sailing in a spot where you have already sailed in the past, you can simply and quickly look at the comments you made. This query does not depend on the type of boat but just on the location.



For any information or technical issue please contact us at: tuningdiary@onesails.com

To start using the OneSails tuning Diary, please browse: td.onesails.one

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