Horváth Sails


OneSails Hungary is located in Balatonföldvár, on the south shore of Lake Balaton. The loft offers a wide range of services to meet the needs and expectations of both racing and leisure sailors.

A multiple Olympic champion sailor, once said: “I’m able to win a race…Only…When i feel happy in my sailing boat!” We made his words our loft’s philosophy and a promise to our customers: “we can make you happy with our sails, so you can win the race!”

Miklós Bezeréti said: “In the past years we acquired a pretty high quality sailmaking technology from our Master, László Horváth, which is still a quite unique and little-known technique in Hungary. 

The sails we made have gained high rankings and notable titles, almost without exception, to their owners in Hungarian championships. We are doing our job with perseverance and sportsmanship, always taking quality as well as our clients’ expectations into consideration.

Our team offer a professional 360° service to the customers and their loyalty is the best proof of the full satisfaction. More and more people are taking part in amateur sailing competitions and they can relay into our services that are considered unique in the southern part of Lake Balaton.

The number of our orders has gradually increased and, in order to be able to satisfy this growing demand, we are running two workshops simultaneously. We are producing accessories and equipments to several international classes (RC44, LAGO26, L30) We also are partners of some boat builders”.

Founded in 1971, Horvath Sails has been successfully affiliated with Halsey Sails first and OneSails later since 1993.

Sailor since the age of 5, champion of several classes; racing basically in Star class but many One Design and classic sportsboat classes, as well. Working with László for years, also learnt sailmaiking from Him. Expert in the design, construction care and repair of the sails and covers, profiles, sailing accessories and rigging for any sailing vessels from the small dinghies to the big boats.

Loft manager Rigger, responsible for manufacturing. Racing mostly as bowman on mainsails. Obsessed with water and surfing since childhood.

Assistant, administrator, direct contact person, responsible for marketing strategy. The pivot of the team, our secret weapon, managing customers and orders.