Vektor2™ - Betaalbare doorlopend garen techniek.

Vektor2™ is ook gebaseerd op de doorlopend-garen-filosofie, waarbij met behulp van een versterkte tape een enkel doorlopend garen op het zeil wordt aangebracht. Hierdoor ontstaat een ruime vrijheid van lay-out wat de volledige controle over de vorm van het gehele zeil mogelijk maakt. 

De groep beschikt over zeer veel ervaring in het produceren van Vektor2™ zeilen voor uiteenlopende weersomstandigheden. Om aan de wensen van iedere individuele zeiler te voldoen, maakt Onesails gebruik van diverse droge garens:

It is the most performing Vektor2™ style. Carbon is an high performance fiber sporting a very low weight / stretch ratio. It is suited to high performance racing yachts.

OneSails is the only sailmaker to develop a process to build sails with continuous Dyneema yarns. Dyneema offers unbeatable performance and durability and is far more resistant to stretch, flexing and UV degradation than all other fibers in the exact environment in which sails operate. Dyneema is a high performance fiber and suited to performance racing and cruising yachts.

This is the “entry level” continuous yarn technology at an affordable price. Can be used both for cruising and club racing offering better performance and durability compared to cross cut, tri-radials and cut and glued membranes. Pentex is a popular choice where class rules prohibit the use of ‘exotic’ fibers.

  Hi-performance scrim with a random array of non-woven filaments that provide considerable abrasion resistance at minimal weight gain, perfect for racing sails. Very light weight, durable and low stretch. This scrim base perfect for furling code sails and small one design racers. Light weight and low stretch with zero water absorption. Film and light taffeta on one side makes for a very robust sail with excellent longevity. Sails can be engineered so the taffeta is on the inside of the furling rotation allowing adhesive UV covers on the film side with furling genoas.
Vektor2™ fiber layout
Small tapes driving one yarn

Base scrim Yarns

Outer yarns
Inner yarns

When bending, multi tapes structure keeps the same tension between outer and inner yarns.
Conventional fiber layout
One wide tape driving up to 5 yarns

Base scrim Yarns

Outer yarns
Inner yarns

When bending, single tape structure causes different tension between fibers, most of the load is on the outer yarns.

Why choose OneSails

1. Exclusive technology.
For over 10 years the OneSails design team have developed exclusive technologies to make one-piece continuous thread sails a reality for cruising and racing boats.
2. Performance.
Features like weight, shape control and deformation resistance means better performance compared to traditional panelled sails.
3. Quality.
M3™ and 4T FORTE™ membranes are exclusively made in Europe in our unique purpose built facilities ensuring that stringent manufacturing standards are maintained.
4. Design.
The best sail shapes are the result of continuous analysis and experience. OneSails is at the forefront of the sailmaking industry, continually investing in research and development to ensure that the very best sail shapes are available. The success of this approach is confirmed by the vast array of racing trophies OneSails clients have won, competing at National, International and World Championship level.
5. Service.
A core activity for every OneSails Loft is providing first class service, support and assistance. As part of our service commitment, each OneSails Loft has a team of experts on hand to ensure that we can deliver on our service pledge. In addition to a growing number of principle lofts, the OneSails Group has an extensive network of service centres strategically placed worldwide's coast line.

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