Clean sailors podcast interview

We were invited by Holly, founder of Clean Sailors and host of the podcast. During our conversation with Dede De Luca, co-founder and CEO of OneSails, we explored the world of sailmaking, the evolution of sail technology, and how this industry strives to become greener. The topic of the life cycle of sails and the materials from which they are made is often a source of great confusion. We have tried to bring more clarity to the topic, including providing tips on how to care for sails to extend their lifespan with the right care.

The Clean Sailors, led by Holly Manvell, is a nonprofit organization made up of professional sailors who have been raising awareness about opportunities to preserve the oceans in the context of our sport, our passion and our leisure time since 2020. We believe that sharing action and raising awareness are key to embracing increasingly sustainable practices that can protect and preserve our seas and oceans.

You can listen to the entire episode on Spotify and Apple Music Podcast.

For the seventh consecutive year, Onesails will be the exclusive service partner of the Royal Malta Yacht Club for the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2023, continuing our tradition of supporting this prestigious regatta. Our loft will be operating from Monday 16th to Monday 30th at the Race village near Royal Malta Yacht club.