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OneSails Denmark offers tailor-made, high-quality sail solutions for both sailors and sailing enthusiasts. With a focus on advanced technology and innovative design, we create sails that are tailored to optimize performance and ensure a comfortable sailing experience.

Our range includes everything from cruising sails to high-performance racing sails, all created with careful craftsmanship and the highest quality materials.

In addition to offering sails, we also offer professional advice, service and maintenance, which ensures that our customers get the best possible sailing experience, regardless of whether they are sailing for pleasure or competition.

47 years old, worked as a salesman for North Sails Denmark for many years. Mads has sailed many different types of boats over the years, and has won six world championships. One of his proudest victories is winning the Danish Sailing League 2014 with Hellerup Yachtclub, where he is a member. He is also a member of the Royal Danish Yacht Club. He has volunteered frequently in recent years, in particular as one of the initiators of ØRC, member of the Danish Sailing Association board and taking the initiative to start the Sailing League.

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T. +453153 4305

37 years old, worked as a sail designer for North Sails Denmark for many years, designing sails for Swan 60 and ORCi projects all over Europe. He learned to sail in Lynaes Yachtclub, where he is still a member. Sailed the Olympic 470 dinghy for several years in the 1990s. He sails today as a permanent crew member on one of Denmark's fastest ORCi boats, the X-37 'Hansen'. Sofus is particularly proud of winning the European Championship in the X-35 together with Michael Hestbæk, Kristian Groth and others in 2008.

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Majbritt Lang, Sailmaker with almost 30 years of experience. Majbritt is responsible for production at OneSails, is not just a sailor - she is an adventurer on the waves, embracing both touring and racing. With a heartfelt love for the sea and sailing, Majbritt has not only built up an impressive experience in sail production and customer service, but also a sea of ​​unforgettable sailing adventures. Together with her father, she has crossed not only the Danish waters, but almost the entire globe. On the racing course, Majbritt has shown her worth in disciplines such as Match Race, 49er, TP52 and on various Danish top boats, and her passion and skill on the water is a source of inspiration for both experienced sailors and beginners. Her dedication to providing the highest quality custom sailing solutions ensures that Majbritt is a trusted resource for anyone looking to optimize their sailing experience. With Majbritt's expertise and unrivaled passion for sailing, OneSails is firmly established as a leading name in the sailing industry.

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