Super yachts sails

Single piece sails of unlimited size!

One Sails is the only technology in the world which is able to make sails of unlimited size in a single piece and using continuous yarns. Our technology allows an extraordinary degree of refinement. In high load areas the corners where multiple yarns come together reinforcement patches are added internally.

The benefit of internal patches is that the corners remain soft and strong. Instead of the patches being bonded to the external surface they become part of the membrane structural integrity. Another important benefit which OneSails offers to boat owners is the possibility to order custom colours to personalise their own sails.

OneSails holds the world record for the biggest one-piece mainsail ever made. This was constructed for the Wally 130 and has a 46.6 metre luff.

SOUTHERN WIND 100 Technology
Mainsail Fullbatten 250 4T FORTE™ 220C Black
Jib 190 4T FORTE™ 220C Black
Staysail 100 4T FORTE™ 220C Black
SPIRIT 72 DH Technology
Mainsail 128 Vantage1 Filmless Taffeta with Aramid internal yarn
Jib 77 Vantage1 Filmless Taffeta with Aramid internal yarn
Staysail 50 4T Forte 220C
Flat Furling Reacher 167 Nylon
IFS Asymmetric Spi 258 Nylon with IFS luff structure
S4 Spinnaker 310 Nylon
SWAN 120 Technology
Mainsail Fullbatten Custom Color 363 4T FORTE™ 220C
Jib 333 4T FORTE™ 220C
Staysail 153 4T FORTE™ 220C
IFS Power Furling Reacher Cableless 750 4T FORTE™ 220C Light

SPIRIT 111 Technology
Mainsail Fullbatten 277 4T FORTE™ 210C
Jib 166 4T FORTE™ 210C
Staysail 79.5 4T FORTE™ 210C
Flat Furling Reacher 352 4T FORTE™ 210C
IFS Asymmetric Spinnaker 613 Woven
MAXI DOLPHIN 75 Technology
Mainsail square top 198 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Jib 124 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Staysail 73 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Flat Furling Reacher 330 Woven
BRENTA 80 Technology
Mainsail 226 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Jib 172 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Code 0 240 Vantage One™ Carbon/Twaron
Power Furling Reacher 375 Woven
WALLY 94 Technology
Mainsail 185 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Jib 134 4T FORTE™ 210C custom color
Asymmetric Spi 600 Woven
MILYUS 76 Technology
Mainsail 165 4T FORTE™ custom color
Jib 130 4T FORTE™ custom color
Code 0 304 Woven

Super-Yachts Experience

The OneSails team is one of the most experienced in maxi yachting, running in the last years many breaking-record projects in sailmaking such as Wally 143, Wally 130, Perini and many other maxi yachts and super yachts sails inventory.

A commitment to break records!
Record breaking projects require record breaking solutions. With its 51.8m luff and an area of 448 sqm, this Wally 143 sail is the biggest one piece jib ever built in the world. The weight is another record: only 197 kg!
The OneSails CFD/FSI package accurately optimizes sail shape, simulates rig and sail loads and evaluates rig aerodynamics for any given yacht. The use of such hugely powerful design tools ensures the designs are right, first time...
Handcrafted finishes
A deep expertise that goes way back and a real passion for detail make the sails the ultimate combination of style and quality.
Wally 143 "Esense" Swan 120 “Audrey the First” South. Wind 100 "Thirty NIne" Spirit 111 "Geist"
Wally 130 "Dreamer" Swan 100 "Fantasticaa" South. Wind 100 "Mariette cube" Spirit 74
Wally 94 "Inti" Swan 90 "Dsk" South. Wind 100 "L’Ondine" Spirit 65DH
Wally 80 "Inti" Swan 80 "Astro" South. Wind 100 "FarandWide" Spirit 65C
Wally 77 "Tuamata" Swan 70 "Flying Dragon" South. Wind 100 "Farewell" Spirit 63 Yawl
Wally 77 "Why Not" Swan 70 "Bugia Bianca" South. Wind 100 "Mr.Seven" Felci Yachts 71 "Mardor"
J-Class "Shamrock V" Swan 68 "Bandolera" South. Wind 78 "Mrs. Marietta” Felci Yachts 61 (5 boats)
Perini 45 m "Heritage" Swan 65 "Peak" Baltic 72 Maxi Dolphin 75 "Karma"
Frers 100 "Adesso" Swan 65 (3 boats) Baltic 64 Maxi Dolphin 65 "Charis"
Beiderbeck 80 "Bliss II" Swan 60 (3 boats) Baltic 62 Reichel-Pugh 78 "Ourdream"
Brenta 80 "Makai" Advanced 80 "Apsaras" CNB 77 "Sahona" Marten 82
Nelson Marek 92 “Locura" Starkel 78 “Alysee”

Why choose OneSails

1. Exclusive technology.
For over 10 years the OneSails design team have developed exclusive technologies to make one-piece continuous thread sails a reality for cruising and racing boats.

2. Performance.
Features like weight, shape control and deformation resistance means better performance compared to traditional panelled sails.

3. Quality.
Sails are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards from carefully selected components to ensure the very highest quality and durability. 4T FORTE™ and M3™ membranes are exclusively made in Italy. All the assembly process is completely made in a unique factory ensuring the meeting of all the required standards.

4. Design.
The best sail shapes are the result of continuous analysis and experience. OneSails is at the forefront of the sailmaking industry, continually investing in research and development to ensure that the very best sail shapes are available. The success of this approach is confirmed by the vast array of racing trophies OneSails clients have won, competing at National, International and World Championship level.

5. Service.
A core activity for every OneSails Loft is providing first class service, support and assistance. As part of our service commitment, each OneSails Loft has a team of experts on hand to ensure that we can deliver on our service pledge. In addition to a growing number of principle lofts, the OneSails Group has an extensive network of service centres strategically placed worldwide's coast line.

OneSails Sails Repair