Ocean and offshore sails

Uncompromising performance, durability and reliability

OneSails develops a wide range of products for ocean and offshore sailing. These sails are produced with specifications, yarns layers, finishing and details expressly developed for use in extreme conditions both for racing and cruising.
Offshore performance sails are produced using 4T FORTE™ composite technology that have been successfully tested on racing and cruising yachts sailing rood the world. It offers an unbeatable strength/weight ratio with sails up to 25% lighter compared to other technologies and this allows the production of reliable and long lasting sails without compromising performance.

Offshore Team Germany

Offshore Team Germany

IMOCA class Offshore Team Germany chose the performance and the reliability of the continuous yarns composite 4T FORTE sails for its campaign.

Offshore Team Germany


Vendee Globe 2020 logo

Vendee Globe 2020

OneSails’ 4T FORTE sails have been used in offshore transoceanic races since a few years now, we have completed a few Transat Jacques Vabre, Route du Rhum, Mini Transat and Sydney-Hobart with success.
Now OneSails debuts in such a demanding oceanic race with two boats: the Finnish Stark skippered by Ari Huusela and the English Medallia of Pip Hare, one of the six women racing.

Pip Hare Vendee Globe
Pip Hare

Ari Huusela Vendee Globe
Ari Huusela

Medallia Vendee Globe

Insight about the sails after the 21.638 nautical miles sailed in the race

John Parker, from OneSails GBR East, explains how the IMOCA 60 sails are made

OneSails' CEO Dede de Luca interview

OneSails debuts in such a demanding oceanic race with no less than two teams: which are your fears and expectations?

OneSails’ 4T FORTE sails have been used in offshore transoceanic races since a few years now, we have completed a few Transat Jacques Vabre, Route du Rhum, Mini Transat and Sydney-Hobart with success. I’m confident in saying that we have very little to fear, and we expect our sails to be performing and reliable as they have been before.

What are the main differences between these sails and what we could call “standard” ones?

In reality, our standards are so high that the same sails the owner of a 60ft performance cruiser is getting could be used to sail around the world. The base formulation of the 4T FORTE flexible composite is the same for every sail, with its structural high modulus UHMWPE polyethylene fibre grid, which proved to be one of the toughest, durable and reliable materials when it comes to high stress and abuse.
In the end, the only true differences compared to standard sails are in the finishing details, which here aim to the ease of use by a solo skipper, and extra protection against the prolonged abuse they will see for weeks on end in often prohibitive weather conditions.

OneSails is the first Italian brand challenging the other American, New Zealander and French sailmakers in this race.

While the brand and the technology are 100% made in Italy, OneSails is today a worldwide network with 53 representatives in 41 countries and five continents. Sails for the two Vendée Globe teams have issued from the collective work of an international team of designers, technicians and sailmakers from Italy, England, Finland and France. We are very proud of this.

Are you feeling under special observation by the sailing community?

OneSails, since its inception, has always been under special observation for the many innovations we have introduced, sometimes stimulating a sane competition between manufacturers, as well as more responsible choices from the customers, focusing more on the quality and inherent features of the product than on the sheer reputation of a brand name.
We are approaching this challenge today with the only technology in the world which is ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment certified for lowest carbon footprint, and fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle, unlike products from our competitors which end up becoming special waste to be treated. In the end, I am sure we will most certainly be under special observation in this race, and after the happy end we trust in, we will be ready for yet another, even higher profile challenge for our brand, international network, and exclusive technology.

Mini 650 Class logo

Lina Rixgen's Mini 6.50

Since 2017 OneSails is the sailmaker supporting Lina Rixgen's Mini 6,50 challenges. From the CFD laboratory studies to the development of the most advanced fabrics offering the best strength/resistance to weight ratios Lina could relay of a dedicated team taking care of the 'power units' of her boat.

lina Rixgens
Lina Rixgens

Lina Rixgens

Vittorio and Nico Malingri - Dakar to Guadalupe Record

New record on the route from Dakar to Guadalupe. More than 2.500 miles sailed on board a 21' cat powered by OneSails 4T FORTE Naked composite sails in 11 days - 1 hour - 9 seconds.

Vittorio e Nico Malingri

Why choose OneSails

1. Exclusive technology.
For over 10 years the OneSails design team have developed exclusive technologies to make one-piece continuous thread sails a reality for cruising and racing boats.

2. Performance.
Features like weight, shape control and deformation resistance means better performance compared to traditional panelled sails.

3. Quality.
Sails are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards from carefully selected components to ensure the very highest quality and durability. 4T FORTE™ and M3™ membranes are exclusively made in Italy. All the assembly process is completely made in a unique factory ensuring the meeting of all the required standards.

4. Design.
The best sail shapes are the result of continuous analysis and experience. OneSails is at the forefront of the sailmaking industry, continually investing in research and development to ensure that the very best sail shapes are available. The success of this approach is confirmed by the vast array of racing trophies OneSails clients have won, competing at National, International and World Championship level.

5. Service.
A core activity for every OneSails Loft is providing first class service, support and assistance. As part of our service commitment, each OneSails Loft has a team of experts on hand to ensure that we can deliver on our service pledge. In addition to a growing number of principle lofts, the OneSails Group has an extensive network of service centres strategically placed worldwide's coast line.

OneSails Sails Repair