Full Battens Guide

by Flavio Formosa, OneSails Technical Director

Thank you for choosing us for your new sail. This simple guide is meant to help you in fitting and tensioning its battens correctly, to make the most out of your sail and preserve its integrity for a long time. Please read carefully before installing the sail, and remember that your One Sails dealer is just a phone call away if you need assistance!

General Rules

  • Insert battens carefully, don’t force them!
  • If your battens are tapered, thinner side must always point forward regardless of insertion side
  • Do not exceed in tensioning battens: usually all that’s required is the batten sits in its pocket without moving
  • Whenever possible, release tension from the battens when you finish sailing, this will prolong the life of your sail!
  • Identify the batten pocket style on your sail. There are basically three standard systems, plus a few custom ones used on bigger yachts. If your system is not described in this guide, please refer to your OneSails dealer for further information

Rocket” tensioner (rear loading)

Velcro tensioner (rear loading).

Batten receptacle (front loading)

1. ROCKET TENSIONER (rear loading)

A. gently insert the batten’s soft end in the pocket, then slide the black plastic tensioner onto its end as shown

B. push the batten all the way in

C. engage the retainer line integrated in the pocket around the tensioner end as shown

D. using a flathead screwdriver tension the batten until it just sits firmly in its pocket

2. VELCRO TENSIONER (rear loading)

A. gently insert the batten’s soft end in the pocket, above the velcro flap

B. push the batten all the way in, then feed the end of the velcro flap into the pocket

C. gently pointing the end of the batten feeder into the flap’s recess, push the flap fully in until the batten sits firmly inside its pocket

D. leave the line loop from the velcro flap outside, to be grabbed for extraction

3. BATTEN RECEPTACLE (front loading)

A. completely release the tensioning screw, then open the receptacle’s cover (technique and tools required vary depending on model installed)

B. gently insert the HARD end of the batten in the pocket

C. push the batten all the way into the pocket until its end sits in the receptacle’s recess

D. put the receptacle cover back in place, then tighten the tensioning screw until the batten no longer moves fore and aft in its pocket

If in doubt or you need assistance please contact your friendly OneSails representative!

N.B. Not all the fittings and accessories depicted in this guide could be part of the standard dotation of the sail.

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