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Projected for the Atlantic Ocean which brings Sails from all over the world, Portugal has many sailors and a long boat tradition, from mainland to the archipelagos in the Atlantic – Azores and Madeira, with a lot of potential and importance for OneSails.

If you’re traveling from south to north, from west to east or sailing from Europe to the world, it’s easy, you are on our route, so… visit OneSails Portugal!

We are located in the centre of Lisbon Boatyards, also near Cascais, counting with daily feedback and crossing words everyday with sailors. Around us we count more than thousand boats moored and that contacts strength our know-how and make us the reference in the local sail activity.

The company compromise is to improve our mission facing the needs of those who trust us. Our loft began in 2006 and One Sails has provided the quality and technology that we need. This partnership is a step forward on our ambitions, and become a master key to ensure the best services and products.

After many years of building up a brand and ensure our presence as a reference, our team gets form through the permanent availability and experienced sailors and sailing market expertises. For that reason we ensure our target ranges in all kind of boats from racing to cruising.

Overcome the needs of the market is our daily goal.

That’s why we are the most suitable loft around and One Sails is working with us to improve technology, upgrade expertise and capacity to match our offer with the best market opportunities.

Diogo Pereira is the manager of the loft, he started sailing in Optimist and made his progress in 420, 470, Snipe, SB20, Dragoons, match racing and larger regatta boats. Diogo was also the coach of 470 at the Olympic Games of Athens and London. His 15 years loft experience and his working days are based in the claim – “sail before you sell”.

Owner and manager since 2006 Professional Sailor of several classes from Snipe to larger regatta boats.

Sails repair responsible

Loft maintenance responsible, sails repair

In charge of canvas manufacture

Designer and Marketing responsible. Rigger.