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Onesails has always been at the front when developing sails for one-design classes, and the development of J70 sails has involved the best people in the group in the design. In the last season OneSails got the 3rd place at the European 2018, winning an European act in Ancona in the 2019 and having constantly the presence in the top 10.

The latest model is the CCV4, built with cross-cut construction with the best material possible available in dimension Polyant. The cross cut construction allow to optimize the performance of the hard-tempered dacron; 2 sets of top battens are provided, for light and heavy air.
There are 2 models available, the CCV4-S for Selden mast and CCV4-ST for southern spars mast. The two designs are made to best accommodate the different characteristics of the sections.

Our latest design is the JV12, and includes in the design all the best features in the development of high clew and inner-hauler sailing style.
The cloth is high-tempered dacron from contender, chosen for its best performance and stability for tri-radial construction. The design is good both for Selden and southern spar, following our rake recommandations in the tuning guide. The jibs comes with windows, telltale window and battens.

Asymmetric Spinnakers
The Asymmetric spinnaker ASV6 is the best compromise between reaching and displacing mode and offer great versatility throughout the wind range. It can be made on Dynakote or Powerkote, both with silicon treatment to help smooth out the manoeuvres.
It comes with dyneema lines and sail bag, sponsors' logos can be applied upon request.

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Product Name Price
J70 Mainsail Triradial Dacron
J70 Mainsail Cross-Cut Dacron
J70 Jib Triradial Dacron
J70 Jib Cover
J70 Gennaker Triradial Nylon
J70 Gennaker Net
J70 Hatch Cover



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Additional Info

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