Classic and Veteran Boat Sails

Our sails are distinguished by the precision and care used in their finishing. Access to customized fittings as well as an extensive archive on classic yachts enable us to build sails which are particularly suited to maintaining the feeling and timeless character of classic craft. Above all our craftsmen's long tradition of high quality workmanship provides the greatest assurance of customer satisfaction. Our team has extensive experience building sails for every era from the hand sewn canvas of the Amerigo Vespucci to the sleek aero-foil shapes of the International 12 meter class.

OneSails Classi Sails
1994 A. Vespucci Sailing Ship
1998 Latifa Bermudian Yawl
2000 Candida J-Class
2003 Invader Schooner 160'
2004 Ascanty IV Schooner 118'
2006 Astra J-Class
2006 Deva Schooner 132'
2006 Latifa Bermudian Yawl
2007 Sylvia Marconi Ketch
2007 Shamrock V J-Class
2009 Naif Classic
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