LM19 mainsail

LM19 mainsail


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Mainsail R 20
R 20 is ready for 2020 sailing season. This model is just the continuation of development form our standard last year R-19 model and it is still all-purpose, all-round sail, for “regular” fit Finn sailor weight of 92-100 kg. Generally, it is just a marginally more powerful but as well bit more twisted in very top section.
Custom made luff curve can be easily adapted to masts with different characteristics. However, the optimal F/A mast band ranges from 114-118 mm in the middle with 12 kg of the load. It is designed to be more “forgiving” and easy to trim with nicely twisted leech profile. Full 3-Radial cut, made of Dimension Polyant Black Technora ODL 04 fabrics with 0.75/1.00 mill film.

Mainsail R 20 Plus
This sail is right choice for bit heavier sailors (100 + kg) or sailors who are aiming for extra power in medium wind range conditions. This Sail is up to 0.4 % deeper than R20 model with leach profile bit closer and less twisted. But it is still very sensitive on cunningham trim and is easy to de-power and control.
It is made only in Dimension Polyant Black Technora ODL 04 fabrics with 0.75/1.00 mill film and 3-Radial cut.

Mainsail LM 20
LM 20 model is designed for light up to medium winds (up to 12 KTS TWS). It comes out as result of synergy of our best designs as 672 and experience in past and from latest LM models as LM 18 and LM 19. It is made of DP PM02 (white polyester) fabrics and in 3-radial cut construction.
If you relay looking for peak performance up to 10 KTS TWS and downwind then you should go for white polyester LM sail! It is very easy to trim and de-power when needed. As a compromise, an alternative it can be made of ODL Black Technora laminate on request.

Above are our latest recommended designs; however we still offer all our old favorite models as R17, 672, AT3… On your request we can repeat any sail you had, all you need is IFA label number.

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Productnaam Prijs Excl. BTW
FINN R 20 mainsail (all-round) - DP Black Technora ODL 04 0.75/1.00 mil
€  1.200,00
FINN R 20 Plus mainsail (all-round) - DP Black Technora ODL 04 0.75/1.00 mil
€  1.200,00
FINN LM 20 mainsail (light wind option) - Polyester PM-02
€  1.050,00



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