Wing Sails

The patented ONESAILS OMER & ORI WING SAIL SYSTEMS are the only wing sails available with dropping and reefing capability, that offers a number of advantages compared to traditional sails:

  • 20% smaller area for same performance
  • Soft wing technology - wing made from sailcloth
  • Unique dropping capability wing
  • Simple, easy to use system, ideal for shorthanded fast cruising and cruiser racing
  • No shrouds, no chain plates, no winches
  • Easy main sheet trimming (wing is semi balanced)
  • Single mainsail halyard for small boats
  • 3 mainsail halyards for big boats to make sail handling easier through better control
  • Much higher wind range due to Camber trimming
  • Possibility of reefing - not possible on other wings
  • Better upwind performance (angles and less heeling)
  • Downwind: more stable and easy to handle
  • Optional jib, Code 0, Gennaker for very light wind
  • Easy internal lazy jack system