OneSails Cruising Symmetric and Asymmetric Spinnakers

The Downwind cruise sails by Onesails are designed for a safe and easy navigation even with a short handed crew. All the designs are developed with CFD simulation because the first aim of OneSails that is Quality and attention at all the details. The materials used are the best and selected to work properly under load, in a way to offer the best solutions to any customer. The Spinnaker and the Gennaker by OneSails can be provided with a special bag, the sock or a special furling system studied to simplify the dip.


OneSails presents the IFS™ (Integrated Furling System), a new style of headsail and downwind sail construction which uses continuous fibre technology to create sails which can be furled without the use of a heavy and expensive anti-torsion cable.

IFS™ sails are designed to incorporate a net of continuous structural fibres, laid directly on to the sail’s luff, effectively replacing the cable. The advantages of this technology are considerable. A wider range of sail shapes can be set and furled with sail handling eased by the reduction in weight.

  1. Improved aerodynamic performance.
  2. Structure integrated within the sail which allows furling without an anti-torsion cable.
  3. Lower halyard tension by 35% when compared to a traditional sail with cable.
  4. Without a cable the sail’s luff can be designed to project forward and to windward, improving performance at wider angles.
  5. Easy to handle because the furled sail is light and can easily be folded to fit in its bag.
  6. Stable leech profile even if measured as a gennaker according to ORC and IRC rules.
  7. Lighter sail (without anti-torsion cable).
  8. Bespoke finishing and accessories.

The spinnaker is an important sail for cruising and OneSails provide the experience of designers and sailors, giving the perfect equilibrium between the surface and wind range angles. The spinnaker becomes, in this way, a real enjoyable moment for the whole crew and they can sail downwind without stress.

The gennakers by OneSails are designed for a wide range of apparent wind angle to avoid a continuous trimming during sailing. The Sails are controlled with fluid dynamic software simulations and optimized with the boat dimensions to get easy hoist and dip.

FFRはOne Sailsが現在進めている新技術です。Code-0を応用したこのセールは微風域でのセーリング性能だけでなく、強風域でのハンドリング性能に長けます。
FFRは、このセールのために特別に選び抜かれた、特殊なナイロン素材を使用しています。FFRのラフは、ねじれを加えられるよう特殊なラフロープを装備し、簡易で素早いファーリングを可能にしました。 FFRは実用的で容易にハンドリング出来るだけでなく、保管のための場所も取らない、ショートハンドに最適の中量級セールです。


Why choose OneSails

1. Exclusive technology.
For over 10 years the OneSails design team have developed exclusive technologies to make one-piece continuous thread sails a reality for cruising and racing boats.
2. Performance.
Features like weight, shape control and deformation resistance means better performance compared to traditional panelled sails.
3. Quality.
M3™ and 4T FORTE™ membranes are exclusively made in Europe in our unique purpose built facilities ensuring that stringent manufacturing standards are maintained.
4. Design.
The best sail shapes are the result of continuous analysis and experience. OneSails is at the forefront of the sailmaking industry, continually investing in research and development to ensure that the very best sail shapes are available. The success of this approach is confirmed by the vast array of racing trophies OneSails clients have won, competing at National, International and World Championship level.
5. Service.
A core activity for every OneSails Loft is providing first class service, support and assistance. As part of our service commitment, each OneSails Loft has a team of experts on hand to ensure that we can deliver on our service pledge. In addition to a growing number of principle lofts, the OneSails Group has an extensive network of service centres strategically placed worldwide's coast line.

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