OneSails unveils 4T FORTE™ technology

OneSails unveils 4T FORTE™ technology

24 months after its market launch, OneSails has now unveiled further details of the novel structure which makes up the 4T FORTE™ composite. In a display first seen at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, MMS (Multi Micro Structure - Pat. Pending) is shown to have as many as 19 individual layers, each with specific properties, which when fused together, combine to create the final 4T FORTE™ composite that exhibits exceptional physical and mechanical performance. Arguably the most exciting aspect of 4T FORTE composite technology is it's application within the cruising world.


A Cruising thought…..

Cruising sails – we continual hear cruising sailors claim that ‘they only go cruising’ when justifying the purchase of inferior quality sails………how many of these same cruising sailors would be happy if their auxiliary engines only performed at 75% of potential maximum power? Apart from the aesthetic appeal of a nicely setting and well-trimmed sail, a ‘good’ sail should maximise boat speed, enhance pointing when beating and reduce heel angle

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