How long do your racing sails last?

How long do your racing sails last?

The official launch of Black Bull dates back to July 2013 at the King's Cup regatta in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) where the boat sailed with the first ever 4T FORTE™ 195R sails.

Since then, the same sails have been used on Black Bull for thousands of miles in every possible range of wind and sea conditions. In 2013 the boat completed the Rolex Middle Sea Race and went on to compete at RomaxTutti, la Lunga Bolina, the Regate dei 3 Golfi, the 151 Miglia and the Giraglia Rolex Cup during 2014.

The number of sailing hours accumulated by the 4T FORTE™ sails without suffering any damage is impressive; the mainsail has now completed more than 600 hours of sailing with the two main jibs amassing over 300 hours.

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