OneSails landing in USA

OneSails landing in USA

Sailmaker Mark Washeim announced a new partnership with the international sailmaking brand OneSails, with production and service continuing at his loft in Long Island New York.  

The loft will be offering the unique and innovative OneSails 4T FORTE™ composite membrane construction system and OneSails Vektor 2 continuous fiber products. 

Announcing this exciting development of his business, Mark Washeim commented: "Our new partnership with OneSails will keep us at the forefront of sailmaking technology, allowing us to provide our customers, both racing and cruising, with leading edge products. Our core strategy remains unchanged, but the new direction permits us to supply the exclusive 4T FORTE™ composite membranes, and to pursue research into sail design and aerodynamic systems which will have a direct beneficial effect on the products we deliver to all of our clients".

Dede De Luca, CEO of OneSails, commented: "we have been looking for some time to a professional and reliable partner who would successfully introduce our brand OneSails in the US market with the same standards of quality and service we require from all of our affiliates. The agreement with Mark Washeim meets all of our criteria: Mark's expertise will be invaluable in a highly competitive market such as USA, where the sailing activity is widespread and practiced for several months of the year, besides being a great addition to the group's knowledge base itself ".

Mark Washeim is a lifelong sailor. He has competed in 10 Newport to Bermuda Races, 3 Bermuda 1‐2’s and numerous National and North American Championships with impressive results. He is a highly skilled sailmaker with 41 years of experience.

As OneSails North Atlantic, Mark Washeim and his teammates Dean Johns and Nick Nilsen are committed to continuing to provide the high level of service their customers appreciate and expect. Now, thanks to the OneSails network, they will also be able to offer an even wider range of products and services to their existing and future customers, wherever they sail in the world.

OneSails North Atlantic is the 44th sail loft joining the OneSails international network, which is now present in 29 countries and four continents.

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