Itacatamarans & OneSails: sailing into a different wind

Coherent with its philosophy to respect and preserve the environment in which it operates and lives, Itacatamarans has been enthusiastic about OneSails revolutionary 4T FORTE™ technology from the onset. So much so that it was the natural choice for ITA14.99, the first construction of Itacatamarans.


Leading the way in sustainable choices and not only, Itacatamarans is working with partners that share the same eco-friendliness approach, doing their part to preserve our oceans and environment. That is why the yard chose the innovative 4T FORTE™ sails for its ITA14.99, the first “Green” sails in the industry, certified ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. This highly innovative technology translates into performance and a lower CO2 trace life-cycle through.


In 2013 OneSails launched 4T FORTE™, the revolutionary flexible composite that has become the reference product for the construction of high performance sails. Thanks to this unique flexible continuous fiber composite technology, the FORTE™ 4T sails guarantee exceptional performance, lightness, durability and are completely recyclable at the end of their life cycle.


"We are leaders in our industry for sure when it comes to Sustainability. Our desire is to offer a product of excellence and innovation in all aspects, including the preservation of our Environment and Oceans, and we’re getting great feedback from the market, as more and more people are making consumer-conscious decisions. The partnership with Onesails demonstrates that together we can truly Sail into a Different Wind!" says CEO Emanuele Caprini.


Seatrials with the new ITA14.99 mounting 4T Forte will begin in Spring 2018. Contact info@itacatamarans.com for your more information and appointment.

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