OneSails Group

OneSails Group
When the experience shapes the future.

OneSails is a global network that adheres to independent sail lofts all over the world, which exports the world's most successful Made in Italy through an innovative business model: a service network whose DNA is represented by top-level professional sailmakers, exclusive technologies and an original image. OneSails is the pinnacle of more than 40 years of experience in design and technology for the construction of high performance sails. OneSails sails are made with exclusive 4T FORTE ™ continuous yarns composite design and technology to ensure quality, durability and performance. OneSails also produces and develops custom products and vintage sails.

In October 2013, OneSails launched into the market the 4T FORTE ™, the revolutionary continuous yarns composite technology, which became the reference for the construction of high performance sails. One year after, CSQA, the leading Italian company in certification and inspection services for companies, certified that the LCA-Life Cycle Assessment study was to sail 4T FORTE ™ marketed by OneSails complies with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards.

A further upgrade to OneSails's flagship product, the 4T FORTE ™ Naked was introduced to the world market in November 2015. The 4T FORTE ™ Naked makes it even safer and more powerful, without sacrificing form stability.

Respect for the environment is one of the OneSails main priorities, thus maintaining a concrete focus on growing environmental issues. The further commitment of OneSails to the environment is aimed at the recovery of disused sails and the progressive expansion of the recovery cycle and recycling of selective materials. The 4T FORTE ™ sailing recycling process was officially launched in 2015.