Performance over time!

With extensive experience in club, regatta and Grand Prix racing, OneSails has earned its reputation at the highest levels of the sport both inshore and offshore. OneSails lofts have built sails for multiple National, European and World Championship winners in the most competitive one-design fleets as well as all of the major rating systems including IRC and ORC. OneSails racing and Grand Prix products are tailored towards the specific needs of owners who strive for the optimum combination of performance, reliability and durability from their sails.

The range of products suits every end use and the specifics of particular class rules; hi-performance woven cross-cut and tri-radial panelled sails are complimented by a range of custom membrane style products that includes Vektor2™, M3™ and 4T FORTE™. These exclusive products featuring continuous fibre paths allow us to build sails that are light with excellent shape stability when compared to similar products in the market place. All sails, regardless of the construction type are customized to suit each boat and the particular requirements of the owner with each sail incorporating only the highest quality components in order to guarantee the maximum level of performance over time.

OneSails woven cross-cut sails are built using only the very best quality premium Dacrons. All Dacrons are not created equal. OneSails are particularly stringent when it comes to cloth selection in order to ensure that each piece of cloth is perfectly suited to its intended end use. Carefully chosen fabrics with tightly woven high tenacity yarns and built in UV inhibitors combine to offer sails with the best performance on small to medium sized boats where Dacron is the preferred or only choice.

Tri-radial construction creates a more sophisticated means of distributing the loads in a sail than can be achieved with a cross-cut sail. Higher tech woven fabrics including Dyneema & Polyester hybrids such as Hydranet together with a range of dedicated laminates will offer better shape holding and hence improved performance and handling than cross-cut alternatives.

Vantage One™ membranes feature complex arrays of curved fibres that distribute loads evenly across the sail reducing localised distortion and improving overall shape retention. The sails are laminated in sections before being cut, shaped, and joined into the final membrane. Although the fibres are discontinuous across the seams, the fibres are arranged in a way that ensures continuity of load distribution. The stringent lamination and shaping process results in efficient, easy to trim, durable sails with precise shaping and minimal shrinkage or distortion.

Vektor 2™ is the culmination of more than 20 years of development in the construction of sails incorporating continuous yarns. The continuous fibre grid is comprised of reinforced fibre tapes applied under high pressure to the film that constitutes the sail. Unlike similar products in the market, the unique tapes used in Vektor2™ maximize the structural capability of the fibres without restricting the fibre layout which in turn means excellent shape holding in all areas of the sail. Vektor2™ is available with several different fibre styles and allows access to continuous yarn technology (a one piece sail) at competitive prices when compared to traditional panelled sails.

Using continuous high modulus fibres, the ‘resin free’ lamination process creates sails which are highly stretch resistant, yet are soft, flexible and which represent a major advance from other ‘mould production’ sail technologies. The use of heat and pressure in a controlled environment causes the special polymers that are incorporated into the films to fuse together in an irreversible process without using adhesives. M3™ sails are delivered with a three year warranty against delamination as standard.

4T FORTE™ differs from the other membrane styles in that it is a composite construction rather than a laminate. 4T FORTE™ sails incorporate the latest high modulus fibres but without mylar films and adhesives that characterise laminate constructions. Using a multi micro layered structure, the elements of the membrane are fused together resulting in a stable, stretch resistant and durable sail. By eliminating mylar films and adhesives, these sails are significantly lighter than the laminate alternatives.

4T FORTE™ Naked is the ultimate development of 4T FORTE™ composite technology, offering the highest loads/weight ratio per square metre. Specifically engineered for Grand Prix racing and competition at the highest level, 4T FORTE™ Naked ensures an excellent ratio of light weight and shape holding when compared to similar products available elsewhere.

OneSD™ technology for sail data broadcast
Alongside the introduction of 4T FORTE™ sails, OneSails are the first sailmaker in the world to deliver sails with an electronic chip encapsulated in the membrane as standard. The OneSD™ microchip will carry data which will help the end user and the OneSails network identify and monitor the sail over the course of its life. Simply place a suitable smartphone next to the chip and read the recorded identifier and design data.

Shape, design and analysis

Every membrane sail undergoes a full FSI optimisation. All of our lofts worldwide have access to a huge shared database updated in real time, containing thousands of sail designs from the World Champion Optimist mainsail to the biggest one-piece maxi yacht mainsail ever built. This includes construction details, which are specified to the highest standards on the market. One Sails’ philosophy is to always be at the forefront of technology, and one vital contribution to this comes from our FSI analysis laboratory. FSI, Fluid-Structure Interaction, is the step beyond aerodynamic analysis (CFD), allowing real-life simulations where all the factors affecting sail shape are taken into account, like material deformation, rig interaction, laminar and turbulent airflow, sails backwinding, etc.

Hvorfor vælge OneSails

1. Banebrydende teknologi.
Gennem mere end 10 år har OneSails arbejdet med udviklingen af teknikker, som nu gør det muligt at producere sejl med gennemgående, ubrudte tråde til både cruise og race.
2. Højtydende.
Egenskaber som lavere vægt, styr på facon og sejlkurver, og minimal deformation ved belastning, betyder højere ydelse end traditionelle panel-sejl.
3. Kvalitet.
M3™ og 4T FORTE™ membranerne fremstilles eksklusivt i Italien på OneSails’ specialkonstruerede produktions anlæg, med alle dele af den avancerede produktion underkastet løbende kvalitetskontrol.
4. Design.
Den optimale facon for et sejl bygger på timer på vandet, analyse og erfaring. OneSails hører til i førerfeltet i sejlindustrien, med løbende investeringer i research og udvikling. Netop dét sikrer, at et sejl fra OneSails repræsenterer det nyeste, mest effektive design. OneSails’ kunder kan bekræfte dette. De er blandt de bedst placerede ved verdensmesterskaber, nationale og internationale sejladser verden over.
5. Service.
t levere første klasses service, rådgivning og praktisk assistance har fuld fokus hos alle OneSails sejllofter. OneSails’ team af eksperter står til rådighed for sejllofterne for at de kan yde maksimal service og rådgivning. Udover et stadig stigende antal sejllofter rundt om i verden, har OneSails Group et omfattende net af service centre strategisk placeret rundt langs Europas kyster.

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