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OneSails has a wide experience in Grand Prix races. Over the past 20 years we have been the leaders in the offshore competitions, with our sails onboard winners of races such as the Admiral’s Cup, Sardinia Cup, Centomiglia (Lake Garda) as well as, World, European and Italian titles under all the offshore rating rules.

4T FORTE™ 4T FORTE™Composite continuous yarns
M3 M3™Laminate continuous yarns
Vektor 2 Vektor 2™Laminate continuous yarns
Vantage One Vantage One™Laminate discontinuous yarns

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Advice for boats up to 27'
Style Score
4T FORTE™ 215R 20
4T FORTE™ 115R 70
Carbon 100
Pentex 65
Style Score
4T FORTE™ 215R
4T FORTE™ 115R
36-41 Boat 36-41
42'-50' sfdsf
51'-58' sfdsfd
59'-70' fdssdf
71'-80' sfdsdf