OneSails is the culmination of over 25 years of experience accumulated by our team in design and technology applied to sail-making. An adventure begun in 1980, where we have always been in the forefront in research and development. Already in the early '80s there was the invention of 'Accucut', at the time the best package for designing and cutting sails, and then in 1984 came 'Tape Drive', the first sail glued in a single piece to continuous cables that exactly followed the weight-load lines. We have always been leaders in the IOR, IRC and IMS classes, and collaborated with sailors like Mauro Pelaschier, Tommaso and Enrico Chieffi, and Dee Smith. We have contributed to the successes of Torben Grael (2 Olympic golds in the Star class), Nicola Celon (Melges 24' World Champion 2006) and Vasco Vascotto (Sidney 40' World Champion 1999), to name only the most famous. Having dedicated five years to research and development on a revolutionary new product, today OneSails can offer 'Millenium', a sail-making technology capable of creating sails whose characteristics and performance levels render all other sails on the market obsolete. Still on the technological side, OneSails uses a personalised version of the 'SailPack' design software, the best currently on the market. Pooling the varied professional experience of its men, and supported by its technological excellence, OneSails looks to the future with a series of highly ambitious goals: firstly the creation of an international network whose standards of quality and kinds of services offered will be strikingly innovative for the sector, and secondly (but more importantly) becoming an important force in the America's Cup.


This technology (patented by OneSails) entails vacuum pressure die-casting with the entire membrane enclosed inside a special vacuum sack during the process. Subsequently a high-temperature thermal treatment is carried out in a special oven able to contain the whole sack. This phase entails a cycle of controlled and uniform heating and cooling over the entire membrane, following parameters programmed and regulated by a computerised system.


OneSails offers itself on the market as a worldwide network, with the aim of affiliating international sail lofts using a kind of licensing formula. An expert team and avant-garde technology are the unrivalled assets of this Italian company whose goal is to export an innovative business model for the sector, offering the market continuous yarns sails exclusively. The novelty lies in creating a service network whose DNA is made up of the very highest level professional sailors, an inimitable (and patented) technology, and an original image.
The immediate interest demonstrated by the sector, and the adhesions on an international level, demonstrate that the organisational model being proposed is successful. The routes that OneSails' internationalisation will next follow point towards expansion in Northern Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand: areas with enormous potential and the expertise and intelligence to understand and appreciate the project.